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Rolf Skogvold

Mail: rolf@hamsunlodge.com

Phone: 902 21 440

Tina Østrem

Mail: tina@hamsunlodge.com

Phone: 976 86 485

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About us

Hamsun Lodge is run by us, Tina and Rolf. Rolf grew up on Oppeid in Hamarøy, Tina in the small village Tonnes in Lurøy. We both have a great passion for Nordland and especially the nature and culture that prevails here. Together we are convinced that we live in the most beautiful region in the world.

Knut Hamsun is one of Norway's foremost authors through the ages, and many of the topics he touches on through his writing are still relevant today. We are great admirers of Hamsun's literature. Through Hamsun Lodge, we work to offer good experiences on Hamarøy.